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Michael's Life

Michael P. Gordon, Patrol Officer, Star Number 18751, Chicago Police Department, was on patrol August 8th, 2004, at 5:45 a.m., at the intersection of Jackson Boulevard and Sacramento Boulevard, when his squad car was struck by an intoxicated, unlicensed driver who ran a red light, killing Officer Gordon and severely injuring his partner.

Michael grew up in Cicero where he became an Eagle Scout. He graduated from Morton West High School and pursued an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement at the College of Du Page. He entered the United States Army in 1994 where he became a Military Police Officer and completed the required training for Airborne and was attached to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, N.C. He served with the peace keeping forces in war torn Bosnia and also served in Korea where he patrolled the Demilitarized Zone. He received an Honorable Discharge after five years of service attaining the rank of E-5.

Michael began his career in law enforcement with the Riverside Police Department in 2000. His father Robert is a retired Assistant Chief from Riverside and his brother Robert III is a police officer with the Berwyn Police Department. In just two years he received numerous commendations and letters from citizens for his dedicated service to the community. He was Officer of the Month three times. In 2002 he decided to take on a new and greater crime fighting challenge by joining the Chicago Police Department where he volunteered for the 11th District, located on Chicago’s West Side, considered not only to be the worst area in the City but also in the United States. He was beloved by his fellow officers for his tirelessness, enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication to the department and the community. He was characterized by his regular partner as a “Super Cop,” the example given is that in a 60 day period he made 44 felony arrests.

Michael was a devoted father and family man and is survived by his wife Guin, three sons, David, 16; Malik, 7; Cullen, 5, a 6 month old daughter, Grace; parents Robert and Carol, brothers John and Robert III. Michael was also a devoted Cubs fan and loved war movies, bag pipe music and was proud of his Scottish, Irish and Italian heritage.

Michael had two dreams, both of which he achieved. One was to be a soldier and the other was to be a Chicago Police Officer. He achieved more in his short 30 years than most people do in a lifetime. He will always be loved and never forgotten by his family and friends.

~Robert Gordon, Jr. (Dad)

Why This song?! Bawitaba by Kid Rock

A few days before Michael's death he had "an arrest of a life time" (his words exactly) and if Michael could have put a soundtrack to that night, it would have been the one playing right now.

He also listened to it on the way into work. Those days when he knew it would be a rough night and he needed a pick-me-up. He'd take off the windows on the Jeep, grab a Monster (Red Bull was too small), and pumped-up Kid Rock as loud as he could. He said it ALWAYS got him in the mood to work.

So...... a special thanks to the above companies, you helped make Michael smile.

~Guin Gordon (Wife)